Video clip of the THRILL

Pneumatic & Elect Torque & Tension Guns

The jGun features the speed and conveniences of an impact but without the hammering, noise, vibration, and load variations of the impact gun. It’s twin-torque mechanism has a first stage for parallel joint closure (at high speed) and a second stage to ‘stretch’ bolts (at slow speed) to the desired load. The jGun achieves bolt load precision within your window of accuracy to bring you peace of mind that accompanies leak-free flanges and permanently secure bolted joints. With power greater than 8000 ft-lb of torque, the jGun replaces heavy & inaccurate hydraulic tensioners, torque tools & their hydraulic pump requirements.

The only precision tool in the world that gives precise, calibrated bolt-load as well as torque - and with the HYTORC LoaDISC, without reaction and backup wrench.

And yet, JETYD also offers a unique combination of selective ‘impact’ option in the same tool, the ‘THRILL’,to dislodge corroded nuts/bolts.