ALOCIT Corrosion Protection

ALOCIT 28.5 Aquacoat Epoxy Coating
Outstanding adhesion on oily surfaces, under-water conditions, & in Marine Environments. Can be applied directly under water, with outstanding adhesion on wet & oily surfaces

Tests by US Navy - after coating in bilge areas have shown adhesion beyond the range of their testing equipment as meeting its specifications for application on wet surfaces.

Comparative testing for use after water-jetting produced adhesion results nearly twice as good for Alocit as its closest competitor!

Testimonials and case histories show that coatings applied in 1968 are still intact - despite a lifetime of exposure to aggressive waste products.

Resistant to Water/Salt Water, Sewage, Petrol/Gasoline, Oil, certain Acids, Sodium, and Potassium Hydroxide solutions, etc.


Gas platform in the Mediterranean in splash zone
Sweating pipelines of oil rid in the Pacific
Under the Pacific by Argentinian divers
Under the PETRONAS Towers – Malaysia
Tunnels & floors in Germany
Water channels - Germany
Ballast tanks and hulls – Holland & Belgium
Sheet piles & floors – the UK
Rapid Transit System – Singapore

Excellent protection for Concrete water channels & drains, Ship hulls and Bilges, Oil & Gas storage tanks and pipelines, Concrete & Steel Piers, Government Utilities and the Military, and more….