Welcome to Ma’Aref

The Technologie Companie

Ma’Aref is a Technology-Oriented Company that brings to our industry latestt yet simple, safe, and user-friendly technologies that greatly enhance Safety, Efficiency & Productivity at minimal cost ~ in fact near-zero cost when equated with the savings accrued in terms of greatly enhanced productivity and safety - in real measurable terms.

Another priority is to impart ‘HANDS-ON’ training to achieve ‘LEAK-FREE’ bolted joint assemblies - since bolting alone takes up maximum time in any maintenance activity; and affords at least 50% savings in time alone. Certified Bolting Courses are also conducted ~ with a choice of HYTORC or Skill Development Council Certification.

Other ‘simple’ but value-added technologies include Corrosion Removal, Corrosion Protection and fire suppression/extinguishing, ‘Water-Mist’ Immediate Response and automated systems, and more.

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About Us

Ma’Aref’’s identity reflects the Company’s strategic intent to competitively position and lead in the oil, gas, energy and other industry, with emphasis on Safety & Productivity-enhancing technologies.



For the past 43 years, HYTORC has created virtually every major technological breakthrough in Precision Torque and Tension tools – featuring more efficient designs, more durable materials, and more value for the dollar.



Ma’Aref ‘s CORE COMPETENCY & SPECIALIZATION is Bolting - Consultancy, Audits, Up-gradation and Bolting Contract Supervision - all aimed at obtaining Precision and Leak-Free bolted joint assemblies the very first time