For the past 43 years, HYTORC has created virtually every major technological breakthrough in Precision Torque and Tension tools – featuring more efficient designs, more durable materials, and more value for the dollar. When you choose a HYTORC tool, you can be confident that it is NOT just the best tool for your job, but the best choice available.

Here are just a few HYTORC innovations developed to help you do every job BETTER, FASTER, SAFER AND SMARTER…

  • First in safety with remote-controlled hands-free tool operation
  • First to do away with the reaction arms and back-up tools
  • First to offer the option of Calibrated Torque, bolt stretch or bolt load
  • First with an all-around, dual choice reaction arm
  • First with a bolt load or elongation accuracy of ± 5%
  • First to guarantee a minimum 50% time reduction
  • First to guarantee leak-free and failure-free startups
  • First to introduce one tool for Torque as well as Tension!


With HYTORC’s innovative precision bolting technology and tools, coupled with HYTORC’s ASME approved bolting procedures, the use of the hammer is eliminated, no back-up wrench is needed, over-stretch as in hydraulic tensioning is eliminated, leak-free or precision bolt loads/stretch is guaranteed to an accuracy of +/- 5% with NO HOT BOLTING - ever. Time Saving in both unbolting & bolting is at the least 50%. All listed achievements with the greatest possible safety achievable - for both equipment and personnel.